Library 2.017 mini-conference: „Expertise, Competencies and Careers,“

29. März 2017 Kommentare deaktiviert für Library 2.017 mini-conference: „Expertise, Competencies and Careers,“

Today, Wednesday, March 29th, is our Library 2.017 mini-conference: align=“left“ „Expertise, Competencies and Careers,“ which will be held online (and for free) from 12:00 – 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone).

The list of scheduled presentations, plus keynote bios, are below! REGISTER HERE to attend live or to receive the recording links. 

The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor, and this event is being held in collaboration with the American Library Association. It will feature ALA president Dr. Julie Beth Todaro as moderator for the opening panel and the closing keynote speaker, with Dr. Eileen G. Abels, John Bertot, and Valerie J. Gross (more on each below), who will take a look forward at the skills and knowledge needed to support successful libraries of the future, examining educational programs and employer expectations.

12:00 noon

Opening Keynote Panel: Dr. Eileen G. Abels, John Bertot, Valerie J. Gross, moderator Dr. Julie Beth Todaro.

1:00 pm

Elements of Effective Leadership
David Stern, Library Director | Saint Xavier University
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Find Your Next Job Right Where You Are
Ms. PJ Purchase, University Librarian, University of Phoenix
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Get up to Speed with Health Librarianship. Stat!
Pamela Buzzard, Librarian, Northern Arizona University/Cline Library
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Growing Library Leaders: A Competency based approach to Leadership Development in Caribbean Academic Libraries
Jiselle Alleyne- Campus Librarian, University of the Bahamas
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

1:30 pm 

Beyond Collections: Building Librarians‘ Competencies to Engage Families
Margaret Caspe, Director of Research and Professional Learning, Global Family Research Project
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities
Lisa Chow, ALA Emerging Leader and Library Journal Mover + Shaker, People Interact
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

SLA’s Statement on Competencies for Information Professionals
David Shumaker, Clinical Associate Professor, Catholic University of America, Dept. of Library and Information Science
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Understanding Expertise and Competencies Through the Lens of Threshold Concepts
Virginia M. Tucker, Assistant Professor, SJSU
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

2:00 pm

Competencies for Information Specialists
Dr. Melissa Fraser-Arnott, MLIS, PhD., Graduate, QUT-SJSU Gateway PhD Program
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Bridging the Skills Gap between New Graduate and Professional
Devina Dandar, MLIS Candidate, Western University
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

Librarians and Information Professionals in the 21st Century: Strategies for Transitioning and Transferring to Other Settings
Raymond Pun, First Year Student Success Librarian, California State University, Fresno | Co-Presenter: Davis Erin Anderson, Community Engagement Manager, METRO;
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

The Library Residency: Gaining Expertise, Crafting Competencies and Launching Careers
Laura Birkenhauer, Academic Resident Librarian, Miami University Libraries
Session Proposal / Comment Area:

2:30 pm

Closing Keynote: Dr. Julie Beth Todaro

This is a free event, being held online.
to attend live or to receive the recording links.
Please also join this Library 2.0 network to be kept updated on this and future events.

The sessions will be held in Blackboard Collaborate, and can be accessed live from any personal computer and most mobile devices. Verify that you are using a compatible version of Java (Complete Steps 1 and 2). Additional information will be sent with the final conference information after registration.

Library 2.017: Expertise, Competencies and Careers

14. März 2017 Kommentare deaktiviert für Library 2.017: Expertise, Competencies and Careers

„We’re excited to announce our first of three Library 2.017 mini-conferences: „Expertise, Competencies and Careers,“ which will be held online (and for free) March 29th, from 12:00 – 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone).“

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27. August 2013 Kommentare deaktiviert für Eintauchen

Ein Beitrag im Medienpädagogik Praxisblog zum Gaming behandelt die Problematik, dass (Medien-)Pädagogen zwar oft über Computerspiele sprechen, aber nicht aus Erfahrung. Das wäre jedoch die Voraussetzung, um bei medienpädagogischen Veranstaltungen das Medium Computerspiel als Thema auftaucht, mitsprechen zu können. Die Frage ist jene

„(…) nach der Verhältnismäßigkeit und die Tiefe mit der wir MedienpädagogInnen uns mit einem Medium auseinandersetzen, welches erwiesenermaßen auf so viele in unserer Zielgruppe direkt oder indirekt wirkt?“

Und gleich danach kommt jene Frage, die den meisten von uns im Kopf herumspukt: Wann soll man denn dafür noch Zeit haben?
Ersetzen Sie Medienpädagoge/Medienpädagogin durch Bibliothekar/in: Gretchen lässt grüßen …

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